Thursday, May 4, 2017

Flood of Light v2.0.5 Full APK

Flood of Light v2.0.5 Full APK. A mysterious girl in the raincoat comes to the city submerged by rain. Subside the rain and save the city by illuminating the lamp and stone posts with her little light on hand. You’ll be the mysterious girl in the game. Reveal who she really is as the rain in the city subsides gradually. Unique mechanic: Provides a brand new experience unlike any other. Evolving puzzles: The more puzzles you solve, the more different light abilities you receive to face the challenged ahead. Lots of content: 9 chapters that includes more than 60 different levels, and more than 20 unique mechanics. Amazing hand drawn 2D graphics: All levels are connected and gradually paint a complete picture of the city. Immersive score: Mesmerizing music that completely engulfs the player in its beautiful atmosphere. Hidden collectibles: Collect all "Wicks" to reveal the city's hidden secret. Complete three of the above and you will gain a S stage glory to the chapter!

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